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This studio work space was designed to make the most of the spectacular views of the south downs. The building is very well insulated and therefore the only heating is an electrical towel rail and a wood burning stove.The use of rough cut horizontal boarding on two walls breaks up the otherwise very clean cut lines of the building. The roof is braced with fine steel rods painted with red oxide paint.   



East Sussex  

"The construction of this refined building took a little over 10 weeks from start to finish. Drawing on our previous experience there was only ever one person we felt entirely confident with in masterminding and taking control of this exacting, fast track build and that was Konrad Adamczewski. With his knowledge, experience, skill, determination, sensitivity, hard work and focused attention to detail we felt assured that he would be able to achieve exactly what we had dreamed of. The contract ran smoothly throughout, with the appearance of roofers, plumbers, electricians and plasterers all programmed to appear exactly when required and often at very short notice. From a clients perspective, the speedy metamorphoses from rough lawn to the birth of an entirely new building at the end of our garden was as dramatic and exciting as it ever gets! Congratulations Konrad and to all who have worked on this project; you have produced a masterpiece that gives us and those who use this wonderful new building nothing but joy."

CLIENTS WORDS                

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